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Return Policies

In-store merchandise return policies

To receive a refund you must:

Money will only be refunded through the same method you paid: cash, debit card, credit card or DalCard.

Textbook return policies

Specific information concerning deadlines and policies to return textbooks.

Online order return policies

Please contact Shauna Nickerson at (902) 494-3042 before sending a web order back to the Dalhousie University Bookstore for a refund.

Defective, Damaged, or Incorrect Merchandise Returns

All other return types

Returns Instructions

  1. Ensure items are returned in their original packaging and within specified time frames.
  2. Include original receipt with return.
  3. Include receipt for return shipping charges (damaged, defective, incorrect orders only).
  4. Please reference your Online Order Number on the outside of the package (as indicated in the example below).
  5. Please include an explanation as to why the item is being returned.
  6. No refunds on calculators, stethoscopes or sale items.

Returns Address

Dalhousie University Bookstore
Shipping & Receiving Dept.
Re: Online Order Return #xxxxxxxx (where xxxxxxxx = your order number)
6136 University Ave.
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2


Shipping & Receiving
(902) 494-3042