Books in Res Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my DalCard showing as invalid when trying to complete my online purchase?

Nine times out of ten, it’s an incorrect password. Check your caps lock key and try again. If you continue to experience this issue, please contact DalCard at or (902) 494-3834.

Why am I getting a ‘Transaction Not Allowed’ message when trying to complete my order?

If you’re using Safari or Internet Explorer, we suggest using another browser. Our website is optimized to work with Chrome and Firefox.

Where will my order be delivered?

Your textbooks, course supplies and Home & Dorm Essentials will be delivered directly to your room.

Why isn’t the textbook for my fall class listed in my search on the Dal Bookstore website?

1. Although the textbook may be for a fall class, a professor may also be using it for full year. Try your search again under full year.
2. Your professor might not have submitted their order yet.

Why can’t I find my winter textbooks online?

Winter textbooks typically don’t arrive in-store until mid-October. Check back during this time.

How do you know which residence to deliver my Books in Res order to?

Magic! Kidding. When you input your NetID (ab123456) during the checkout process, the system tells us which residence you’ve been assigned to and we send your order there.

What if I change residences after I’ve placed my order?

Not to worry! The Bookstore is notified when students have switched residences and we then change the packing labels accordingly.

Can I use my DalCard to pay for my Books in Res purchase?

Yes! You can use your DalCard as long as you have a) paid your admission fees, b) have your Banner number (B00XXXXXX), and c) have made a deposit on your DalCard.

PRO TIP! You don’t need your physical DalCard to make a purchase online. Only your Net ID & password.

When you use your DalCard online or in person to purchase your textbooks, Dal clothing or anything from our Home & Dorm Essentials line, you will get 5% of your purchase back on your DalCard account. Visit to learn more about your DalCard accounts.



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