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Trevor Silver of Preston, Nova Scotia is the owner of tREv Halifax

tREv Clothing

What makes tREv unique is what it stands for. Not only his name, but tREv is an acronym – a set of guiding principles that stand for trustRespectEducate, and value. tREv was founded on the idea that these principles when practiced towards ourselves and others, will ensure success. 

tREv: trust Respect Educate value

Where to find tREv

Bedford Place Mall
(inside East Coast Kicks)
1658 Bedford Highway
Bedford, NS

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Trevor Silver

The tREv Halifax Collection

Do you know Trevor? If not, let us introduce you to the visionary behind tREv Clothing—a clothing brand that's more than just fashion.


Trevor Silver grew up in the vibrant community of North Preston – the largest Black community in the province and the highest concentration of African Canadians in Canada. It was here where Trevor was inspired by family members whose hard work led him to uncover his own path – one that would inevitably change course.

Trevor's Original sketch, scales representing the balance between love and money. With his sights set on law school, Trevor came to Dalhousie. After an undergrad in history and business, Trevor successfully unlocked the next level in his journey with his acceptance to the Schulich School of Law. However, after working a summer job at a law firm, Trevor decided that the legal field wasn't for him. That's when he turned to his sketches of what would soon become the catalyst for tREv, a design featuring scales, representing the balance between love and money.

Since launching in 2017, striking that balance has become the driving force behind tREv's popularity. This is due in no small part to Trevor's commitment and mindful approach to his bold and stylish brand.

When Trevor isn't working to build tREv, he can be found inspiring others on various platforms, including speaking engagements, podcasts, and his @TrevorsLifeLessons Insta account. 

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In His Own Words

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The tREv  x Dal Collection


Where Style Meets Success

tREv Clothing's unique clothing designs inspire success. The tREv x Dal collab intricately weaves both logos into a sophisticated pattern that exudes individuality.


The tREv  x Dal Collection Trucker Hats by tREv Clothing

tREv x Dal Collection
Trucker Hats

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The tREv x Dal Collection Crossbody Bags by tREv Clothing

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