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Sept. 30th is National Day of Truth & Reconciliation


Orange Shirt Day

To honour the National Day for Truth & Reconciliation, otherwise known as Orange Shirt Day, the Dal Bookstore has brought in a limited edition EVERY CHILD MATTERS orange t-shirt. This t-shirt is designed by Mi'kmaw business owner, Derek Lewis, from the We'kopekwitk First Nation.


This t-shirt is produced by Stanfield's in partnership with Muin Clothing Co.


Article: First made-in-Canada Indigenous orange shirts produced in Truro

All Dal Bookstore profits from the sale of the EVERY CHILD MATTERS t-shirt go to the Mi'kmaq Native Friendship Centre


This product is available in-store only.

Find it at our main location in the lower level Student Union Building or our Agricultural Campus location. 



About the Design

Two Feathers

“Truth and Reconciliation…they two words that resonate with me on a personal, professional, and even educational level, as my Doctorate is based on decolonization, indigenization, and reconciliation. The eagle is the only creature that is said to have touched the face of the Creator. Even though it is a bird, it grounds the Mi’kmaw people to who they are and their relationship to the Creator. Eagle feathers are so scared that even in a colonial court of law a Mi’kmaw can take an eagle feather and take the ‘Sacred Eagle Feather Affirmation’. This is akin to swearing on the bible. So that is why I chose two eagle feathers for this design, one for truth and one for reconciliation.”

 –Derek Lewis, (Treaty-holding Mi’kmaw from the We’kopekwitk First Nation)