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At the Dal Bookstore, we do our bit to be greener, and are working hard every day to improve our sustainability.

Here ís how we make a difference...

We reuse

The Dal Bookstore's buyback program runs every Wednesday. We buy used textbooks and resell them within the store at a reduced price. Not only can students get money for old books, but the books get a second life and another student gets a deal on a course book. We also have used book bins where students can drop off used books and other students can pick them up for free.

Wooden skids and packing materials
Our Shipping & Receiving department always make every attempt to save any packing materials when we recieve shipments. We reuse these materials when we ship customer orders. This both saves costs and reduces waste.

Where we are unable to reuse materials, we recycle them.

We reduce

We are bagless! We encourage our customers to bring their own bags. If you don't have one, we offer re-useable bags for .99 cents. We turn out our lights and most computers at the end of the day.

We try to buy local...

How many times do you pick up a product in a store and see that it is made right here in Canada? We look for local suppliers and products whenever possible.


Do you have any ideas to how we can improve?

If so, contact our Merchandise Buyer, Katrina Ross at