Ordering course materials

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  • Publisher Representatives
  • Obtain Desk Copies & Teacher Aids
  • How are Faculty Vital to Buyback?
  • When are Unsold Books Returned to the Publisher?
  • Order Deadlines
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Deadlines and information about ordering your course materials

For your convenience, you can order books online. Orders for course materials must be in by the following dates to ensure availability and to enable us to source used copies:

Term Deadline
Fall/Full Year Courses April 1
Winter Courses October 1
Spring/Summer Courses March 1

If you require other course materials or have questions, please contact the appropriate publisher representative directly.

When are unsold books returned to the publisher?

Term Returned
Fall Term 3rd week of November
Full Year 3 week of February
Winter Term 3 week of February
Spring End of June
Summer End of August

How are Faculty vital to Buyback?

Receiving book adoption forms early is an important part of the process. The earlier we have textbook adoption forms in hand, the more used copies of books we can obtain from students and used book wholesalers. It is one of the many reasons why we need your textbook adoption information months before the term begins.

How do I obtain desk copies and
teaching aids?

Obtaining desk copies is the responsibility of the instructor or department and you must contact the publisher or publisher representatives directly if you're interested in these items.