Digital Options

The Bookstore is able to offer digital content from most publishers. Our two main partners in providing digital content are Willo Labs and Campus eBookstore.  
Willo labs integrates into your Brightspace page, and there are no access codes for students to redeem. Willo anonymizes student data so that no information is sent to the publishers nor USA servers. This is important to our University.  Students have access to the course materials on the first day of class for two weeks. Students can purchase directly from the bookstore, and access is granted immediately. If faculty or students have issues, they contact Willo and are given great customer service. We have run a pilot with Willo in the Fall and winter of 2020 and are actively looking at courses that would benefit from using Willo as the delivery platform for the course.
Campus eBookstore  (CEI) also provides digital access codes for content from many publishers. We have used CEI for a long time, and it works well. Students receive an access code to redeem at the bookstore website, and they are emailed a second code to unlock the content. This two-step process makes returns easier for students who have not redeemed their codes.  
At times the Bookstore will sell printed access codes for smaller publishers who do not have a digital platform to sell them. We are also able to sell some digital products through our affiliate partner, Login Brothers.  
Please contact us for more information on which option will suit you best, and when ordering, please provide accurate information so we can investigate the best pricing and platform for your course.

Check with your text buyers for the options available to you:

Danielle Brown, Course Materials Purchaser
Jim Regan, Health Sciences Purchaser
Judy Davidson, Couse Materials Manager


Willo Labs

Willo LabsIn partnership with Willo Labs, we are pleased to introduce Dalhousie First Day Digital program, which ensures students can access their course materials on day 1 of class, and at the lowest available price.


Digital pamphlet [PDF - 263KB]


Campus eBookstore Inc.

Campus eBookstores Inc.

Campus eBookstore (CEI) aims to create a level playing field for all course materials. CEI includes products from major publishers, faculty authors, small presses, university presses, open educational resources (OER), public domain, and free course materials.

Access codes are purchased directly from the Dal Bookstore and students redeem their codes to gain access to their digital course materials either through Adobe Digital Editions, VitalSource or the publisher's courseware platform.