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Book Buyback

Sell us your Used Textbooks

Download our mobile buyback app and check to see if the Dal Bookstore is buying your book back and if so, at what price.

You can download the Buyback app for Android through the Google Play Store or iOS version via the Apple App store.

When are book buybacks held?

Book Buybacks are held for 1-2 weeks at the end of term in December and April, and every Wednesday throughout the school year.

Buyback operates from 9am-4pm, Mon-Fri.

2016/17 Buyback Dates

Dec. 6-19*
Apr. 10-28*
*Closing at noon on the last day.

Who is buying our books and how much can I expect to get paid?

Your fellow students are buying the books. Once a professor has submitted a textbook order to the bookstore, we can start buying that book back as a used book. For these titles we usually pay up to 50% of the full retail price.  

How are Faculty vital to book buyback?

We ask professors to submit their orders by the deadline dates so we can buy those books back while the students are here on campus. For example, fall and full-year course orders must be submitted by April 1 to include those books in our April buy. If we receive the order in May, we'll have missed our opportunity and will have to source the books elsewhere.

We also buy books back on behalf of a used book wholesaler

If we do not have an order for a particular book and are not buying it back for the bookstore, we will check to see if our wholesaler is buying it back. They sell used books to other universities and colleges, and will buy your book back if they have demand for it anywhere across North America. In this case, the price being offered can be much lower. Prices are set by the used book wholesaler and are based on demand.

Your books must be in good condition

Books must be in good used condition and must have their covers and pages intact. Some highlighting and writing is expected. If there are pages or covers missing, water damage, or excessive writing and highlighting, they will not be bought back.

Didn't buy your book here? No receipt? No problem.

At buyback we are looking for used books to sell to students to help keep affordable options available. You can bring books bought from other retailers and you do not need your receipt to sell your book.